Fishing charters have been around for centuries, evolving from humble beginnings to the high-tech vessels and equipment of today. Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company is a fishing charter company located in Venice, Louisiana. We offer many different types of fishing charters, including in-shore and off-shore charters. Learn more about the history of fishing charters and their evolution below, and contact us today!

The Beginning of Fishing Charters

The first commercial fishing charters were established in the early 19th century with wealthy anglers hiring local fishermen to take them out to sea. These early charters were often not very sophisticated with the vessels used for fishing and transportation not much more than boats that could handle the rough waters of the coast.

Popularity Rises

As the demand for recreational fishing grew, so did the need for more sophisticated fishing charter equipment and vessels. In the early 20th century, motor boats were introduced to fishing charters, which allowed anglers to travel further out to sea and catch larger fish in deeper waters.

After World War II

The post-World War II era saw major changes in the fishing industry with many fishermen returning from the war and looking to make a living as fishing guides. Many of these veterans were skilled in boat building and other technical aspects of fishing charters, bringing new innovations and techniques to the industry.

Modern-Day Fishing Charters

Today, fishing charters are much more sophisticated than they were in the early days of commercial fishing. High-tech equipment, GPS navigation, and other technological advancements have made fishing charters safer, faster, and more efficient than ever.

Some Things Never Change

Despite these advancements, the fundamental principles of fishing charters have remained the same. The thrill of the catch, the camaraderie between friends and family, and the excitement of being out on the open water remain the core of the fishing charter experience.


The evolution of fishing charters has been a long and fascinating journey. From humble beginnings to the high-tech vessels and equipment of today, fishing charters have come a long way over the centuries. But no matter how much technology advances, the thrill of the catch and the love of the open water will always remain at the heart of this beloved pastime. Here at Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company in Venice, our team is passionate about helping others experience the thrill of catching the "big one." We offer friendly fishing guides who are here to ensure you have a wonderful fishing charter experience.

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